School Philosophy

Philosophy of Immaculate Conception School

The personal development of students at Immaculate Conception School is the sum total of their life experiences. Recognizing that the mind, body, and spirit are interrelated, we seek to provide a comprehensive program of character education as well as basic classroom education to foster the total development of the child.

The staff attempts to provide a safe and secure environment.

The social development of students incorporates the values given us by Catholic tradition and the accepted values of American society. Students are taught to understand the need for rules and guidelines of behavior so that they may function successfully within the various authority systems, in which they do and will live.

The development of students into committed Catholics, while at the same time respecting the religious beliefs and practices of non-Catholic students, is a priority of the parish staff, administration, and faculty. There is an integration of religious instruction and experiences into all phases of the students’ daily schedule.

The goal for each student is to see him/her graduate from Immaculate Conception School with the following instilled characteristics: love of God and neighbor, ability to know right from wrong and make good moral judgments, and the knowledge needed to be able to successfully function in today’s ever-changing world.