Cyber security education

As the world continues to witness advancement in technology, today we are going to be discussing how cyber security education has be developing in second world countries, this content was specially created to educate you on the importance of cyber security and how to stay secure on the internet.

Online cyber security programs

Cyber security education has become hot in demand globally, below are two cyber security programs available online.

  1) Information Assurance (IA)

Information assurance (IA) has to do with measures put in place to securing system information, like networks and computer systems. Basically, there are usually 5 terms used in describing information assurance and they are; Integrity, Availability, Authentication, Confidentiality, and Nonrepudiation.

Information assurance is a field in and of itself. It can be seen as a part of Information Technology (IT). Due to the fact that an Information assurance expert should have proper knowledge about IT and understand how information system works as well as how they are interconnected. Is no longer news that the IT world is filled with so many threats like; identity theft, viruses, phishing attacks, scammers, hackers, worms, etc. There is a high need to guide against these threats and that is why the knowledge of Information assurance (IA) is important.

2) Network Security

Network security is a broad term which covers a wide range of technology, devices as well as processes. In layman terms, it could be described as a set of measures and configurations specially designed to guide the integrity, accessibility plus confidentiality of computer networks with data through the use of hardware and software technologies.

Globally many organisations, irrespective of size, business specialisation or infrastructure, need to set up a form of network security to guide against it from the ever-rising landscape of cyber-attacks that they may encounter while running the organisation.

The network architecture of our world today is very complex and confronted with a hostile environment which is always changing and cyber attackers the will never give up in searching for ways to exploit vulnerabilities of the Network. Unfortunately, the system can be vulnerable to attack in various ways and could gain access areas like data sharing, devices, application, user and locations.

Because of this, there are a lot of network security management tools and applications out there which addresses individual security threats and exploits as well as regulatory not-compliance. It is important to note that just some few minutes of downtime could lead to widespread disruption and huge damages to a company bottom line and reputation, so is very vital for the protection measures to always be in place. 

How vulnerable are the world countries to Cyber Security Treat

The United States remains number one when comes to advancement in guiding against cyber security treats, put unfortunately they belong to the first world category, as for the second world nation, cyber-attack is still rampant even though some countries like Russia and China are doing very well to defending and guiding themselves against any cyber security threat. Now I know this thought may come to mind is how can I be protected if stay in a second world country where I can be vulnerable to cyber-attack?  Well, the only solution will be the use of Virtual private network (VPN). 

How to stay protected online No Matter where you are Located

If you use the internet it doesn’t matter be it an individual or organisations just have it mind that you are prone to cyber-attack and especially if you like to use torrents this content may help you. Not worry not because there is a solution which is virtual private network (VPN), now here is how it works, VPN creates an encrypted connection among your device with the remote private network.

What this does is that it ensures that only computers and networks with a specific key can have access to the information. It’s an affordable and best solution to protecting your data. In addition to advance security, you have the privilege of access remotely, files sharing and maintain full online anonymity.

Vpn guarantees total privacy while surfing the internet freely taking away the fear of having your data being stored, activities monitoring or being tracked by anyone. Vpn networks were specially built to help encrypt the information before they pass through any network, whereby guiding against any potential attack and making shopping online safer. Is totally impossible for anyone to monitor your internet activities like knowing the websites you visited through your browser, the thing you downloaded, or have any knowledge if you are making use of services like WhatsApp, Skype or any other applications.

Vpn makes sure your original IP address is secure and from hidden identity thieves and potential hackers, even when you unknowingly visit unsecure sites you rest assured that your computer is protected from any harm, the protection of VPN to cyber-attack should not be taking for granted if you want to safe and secure on the internet to get one now.